Move every day,
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Exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym; it’s anything you enjoy that gets your heart rate and breathing up!




Still have questions about getting proper exercise? Check out our 30-DAY LIFESTYLE PROGRAM where we provide you with a Exercise Guide in addition to the following resources:

30-Day Lifestyle Program

  1. Three Separate 30-Day Plans

    We understand not everyone is at the same level or place in their health journey. For this reason we have developed 3 separate plans: Good, Better, & Best. The plans build off each other and help you progress on your journey to proper health. Each plan lays out the specific actions you need to take each day to achieve lasting health.

  2. Ten Steps to Lasting Health

    We focus on the ten habits and behaviors the collective research has shown the healthiest people in the world follow. People who are able to lose weight and keep it off long-term, people who remain disease free and live longer and happier than most. Each one of the ten steps has been scientifically proven to help you achieve the healthiest lifestyle and decrease your chances of obesity, depression, anxiety, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and a myriad of other chronic diseases.

  3. Nutrition Guide & Meal Plan

    An extensive nutrition guide that tells you specifically which foods to eat and which to limit. When it comes to nutrition we focus on finding the right balance of foods while helping you learn to enjoy the occasional treats guilt free. We don’t single out any one food group for the entire population because the collective research doesn’t say to do so. We stick to the facts not the fads.

  4. Over 65 Recipes & Meal/Snack Ideas

    We've come up with over 65 recipes and meal/snack ideas that are not only delicious but also nutritious (our two favorite combinations)! Our list of recipes is by no means an all inclusive list of healthy recipes, there are thousands out there, we just want to get you started. We also provide you guidelines to make any recipe healthier.

  5. Workouts

    We've developed workouts that anyone can use whether you have access to a gym and weight lifting equipment or not. We've also included three separate 30-day workout routines (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

  6. And Other Resources Including

    • Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition & Happiness Guides
    • 30-Day Meal Plan & Calendar (Recipes Included)
    • Step-By-Step Guide to Overcoming Barriers
    • Guide to Shopping, Cooking & Eating Out

Click HERE to learn more about our 30-Day Lifestyle Program.

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