Over the past 50 years we've learned what will reduce your risk of obesity, premature death and all chronic disease by 80%. It's not a pill, diet or quick fix, but a lifestyle centered around 10 key habits which we outline and provide you with in our 30-Day Lifestyle Plan.

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Basic Plus
Ideal for groups looking to track/monitor each other’s progress including family/friends, personal trainers, group leaders, etc.
Employee Wellness
Ideal for businesses (big and small) looking for a cost-effective employee wellness solution.
per employee
Public Wellness
Ideal for Rec Centers, Health Departments, Gyms and other large public groups who run public challenges and initiatives.
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HealthMovement Feature Comparison

Features Basic Basic Plus Employee Wellness Employee Wellness Custom Public Wellness
Tracking Tools
Nutrition Tracking
Exercise Tracking
Sleep Tracking
Weight Tracking
Create Your Own Goal Tracking
Motivation & Support
Free for Friends & Family to Join
Find and Connect with Friends
Communication Boards in Challenges
Email Reminders
Health Education
Personalized Health Score
Private Goal & Challenge Setup
Individual Goal Setup & Tracking
Group Challenge Setup & Tracking (Up to 10 People)
Team Challenge Creation
Group Challenge Setup & Tracking (Up to 20 People)
Group Challenge Setup & Tracking (Unlimited)
Scoring & Leaderboards
Points Attached/Tallied To Goals, Teams & Challenges
Personal, Team and Overall Leaderboards
Enhanced Dashboard with Statistics
Email Reports
Kid Access
Free Setup At All Schools of Employees' Kids (w/1yr term)
Custom Employee Wellness Program (A la carte)
Health Risk Assessment
Personalized Program
Incentivized Challenges
Monthly Workshops
Weekly Emails
Program Marketing
Biometric Screening
Personalized Coaching
Public Goal & Challenge Setup
Public & Searchable Challenges
Unlimited Class Specific Challenges
Unlimited Participants
Price Free $14 / Month $2 per Employee / Month Request Quote $49 / Month

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