About Us

Health Movement is on a mission to fight
disease and help everyone reach his/her health goals!

How We're Different

Manifesto This isn't your "drink this bottle" quick fix health company or your "only eat sprouts and tofu" health company either. This is a "let's be realistic but also make it simple and enjoyable" kind of health company! Let’s rise above the fads, diets and quick fixes!

We're all on this journey together no matter our preferences, challenges or current health status. So we've created ONE company, brand, unified message, and vision for proper health: HEALTH MOVEMENT! Our Manifesto says it all...


No excuses. It's time to take control of our health. Lasting energy doesn't come from a bottle; it comes from healthy living. Lifestyle is the best medicine. Change the norm to healthy and get back to basics. Sleep better. Move more. Eat the right amount and type of food. Learn balance, healthy can still include your favorite dessert. Don't try to be someone you're not, be the healthiest YOU. Believe, then act! Start small; build with time. Ups and downs are normal. Consistency really is king. Healthy living is not a pit stop; it's a way of life. Your preferences, challenges and goals; this is healthy living YOUR way. Respect everyone for where they are. We're all in this journey together, just at different stages. Everyone has a reason to be healthy, what's yours? Find it. Get inspired. Take action. Share your story. Inspire others. Join the HEALTH MOVEMENT!

Same Team

No matter our current health status, we all have the same underlying goal; we want to be healthier. We may be at different levels or go about it in different ways, but we’re all on the same team and same journey, just at different stages. Here at Health Movement we lift, support and inspire instead of judge, mock and divide. No more tearing each other down.

You don’t know where someone has been, what they are currently going through or where they are going. You don’t know if someone’s already lost 50 lbs and are working toward their next 50 or if they’ve just gathered enough courage to workout in public for the first time in years, and all they need and want is a little encouragement. We simply don’t know.

So no judging, just encouragement. It’s time we all came together on this goal. Who is this Health Movement for? Everyone: Because good health is one thing we all want and one thing we can all agree on regardless of our unique preferences. This is about healthy living, your way - whatever YOUR way or reason is. We want to help you get there. Whatever your passion, bring it and share it with others.

Share your story, inspiration, passion, goals, failures and successes with the rest of us. Because ultimately this problem is too big for any of us to tackle alone; we have to work together, improve together, succeed, stumble and keep going together. We are in this HEALTH MOVEMENT together!

Our Promise

We promise to be the first and only website to only promote products to you, our consumers, that are scientifically proven through peer reviewed, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled studies to help people establish a healthy lifestyle long-term. Everything else get's the boot.

In short, NO QUICK FIXES just to make QUICK MONEY. That eliminates most if not all diet pills, supplements, drinks etc. Our mission is to make it easy for you to understand what you need to do to reach proper health. No fluff, quick fixes or gimmicks research has shown perpetuate the health problems we are experiencing in this country.

We will never sell you out as customers and put making money above helping you reach true health. Period. That is our promise.

5% Giveback

Because we're dedicated to helping others reach their health goals 5% of all profits will go directly to our community program to help others LEARN, ACHIEVE, & INSPIRE proper health. Have a need in your community? Let us know, and we'll work with you to do the following:

Take action today + Change the world